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STAAR Academy & Retesting FAQ

  • What is the STAAR Academy? An 8-day review before summer STAAR testing
  • Who should register for the STAAR Academy? Students who need extra academic support before the summer STAAR test.
  • Is there a registration fee? No, it’s free.
  • Where will the STAAR Academy and STAAR testing be located? Caney Creek High School

Summer STAAR Academy & STAAR Testing

To register for STAAR Academy and Testing:


2) click on schools (top, left corner)

3) type Caney Creek

4) click show more

5) click view school website

6) click on “STAAR Academy & Testing”

7) click on “Click here for registration”

Summer STAAR Academy

*Deadline to Register for STAAR Academy – May 31st

June 5th – June 15th (9:00 am-12:00 pm)

Monday – Thursday only

Questions about the STAAR Academy: Email:

Summer STAAR Testing

  • *Deadline to Register for STAAR Testing – June 13th
  • Monday, 6/19 – English I
  • Tuesday, 6/20 – Algebra I and US History
  • Wednesday, 6/21 – English II and Biology
  • Thursday, 6/22 – Make-up testing by appointment only
  • Questions about STAAR testing: Email:

General Questions and Answers?

1. Do I have to attend the Academy in order to test this summer? No

2. Can I sign up for STAAR testing if I do not attend the STAAR Academy? Yes

3. Is transportation provided? No

4. Is lunch provided: No

5. Can I recover credit for a course that I failed by attending the STAAR Academy and sitting for the test? Yes. However, you must attend all 8 days of class, you must be on time to each class, and you must sit for the administration of the test the week of June 19-June 22.

6. STAAR Academy is ONLY for students who need to take a STAAR test.

7. Students who have passed their STAAR tests need to register for summer school.

8. If you are unsure whether or not to register for the STAAR Academy versus summer school, please talk to your counselor.